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The adhesive label is an instrument that is used in many products to, among other things; provide the necessary information complying with the regulations in force in each case. We are aware of importance about sectors such as food and the world of wine. In this case we talk about the fact that the label is not just a simple information tool but that it is the key link between the winery and the consumer since it occupies a main place in the bottle and is the first thing that catches the attention of the consumer. This is a determining factor when buying the product. We offer our customers, whether wineries, food companies or designers, a service of advice regarding materials and printing techniques in order to obtain a finish that provides an added value product.

We move with the latest trends in materials, tooling and printing techniques because it is part of our innovative spirit.

There are other types of labels that serve to identify the product throughout the manufacturing process. We have a wide variety of papers, whether matte, gloss, thermal, fluorescent, etc. and plastics as PP, PP thermal, etc. We also have different types of adhesives: permanent or removable, special for high or low temperatures or humidity conditions and for contaminated surfaces, etc … But these are only some examples because we work with our collaborators to offer different combinations according to the needs of each project. We also supply the labels whether reprinted or prepared for handling; we adapt the size of the rolls to the needs of the client; or even delivered ready for use in dot matrix printers.

In security labelling we offer solutions to new needs that arise. Holograms, Void, …